Hello, My name is Oindrila and I am an experienced photographer

A special occasion calls for special memories. Here, at Chitrokar, we understand the emotions involved when you're tying the knot, welcoming a new member to the family, or launching a new venture. So, alongside assuring nothing but the best in terms of quality, we promise to become part of your journey. So, we add a little secret ingredient to every assignment: that unique thing that makes you stand apart.


Why Us ?

We at Chitrokar are dedicated to remain updated on the fast evolving technology and craft of photography, offering our clients nothing short of the best results within their budget. As we believe in being invested in a project, all of our frames are personalised, and reflect who our clients are. Also, for Chitrokar, innovation is the key. We are open to go beyond the conventional ideas of photography, putting all our creating energy into framing that perfect moment for our clients to cherish.